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        £30.79 £25.98

        220ml Mini USB Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

        This stunning little air humidifier is both understated and convenient. Fits in with a huge range of home styles and is also powerful enough to give you all the health benefits...

        £59.79 £58.66

        500ml LED Remote Control Aroma Diffuser

        This 500ml diffuser is one of the finest examples on the market with all the functions you need plus more! Less than 35 decibels of noise output from a powerful diffuser! Certification:...

        100ml Ultrasonic Glass Column Aroma Diffuser
        £50.68 – £51.98

        100ml Ultrasonic Glass Column Aroma Diffuser

        This beautiful diffuser shows that not only does aromatherapy improve your health but it can also be a must have decor accessory. Doesn't it just look stunning?! Full water low power off...

        Compact USB 130ml Aroma Diffuser
        Dark grain ledLight grain ledDark grainLight grain
        £24.08 – £25.24

        Compact USB 130ml Aroma Diffuser

        This stunning little humidifier finished in an 'untouched wood' grain is perfect to get you started with aromatherapy. Compact and capable. Complete touch humidity control Less than 36 decibels of noise...

        £30.00 £25.00

        Small Electric 70ml Light Wood Grain Diffuser

        This stunning light wood grain diffuser is a very capable mini diffuser for the beginners. Ideal for a small to medium sized room. Power Source: USB Line Tank Capacity: 70ml Length...

        300ml USB Electric Diffuser
        Light grainDark grainLight grain 2Dark grain 2
        £23.46 – £26.55

        300ml USB Electric Diffuser

        This stunning diffuser is ideal for a range of decors with its smooth lines and intricate design. With an adequate range of technical capabilities this product is ideal for a medium sized room...

        KBAYBO 400ml Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier
        Dark woodLight wood
        £66.79 £42.99

        KBAYBO 400ml Aroma Ultrasonic Humidifier

        This high powered air humidifier is one of the best selling on the market and its easy to see why. With a 400ml liquid capacity and a safe water shortage power...